Étienne-Nicolas Méhul: Ouverture du Jeune Henri

Arranged for two guitars by François de Fossa

Parts. 7+7 pp., $14.95, Presser Order number 494-02132 (EICM-7)

First line incipits:

(Guitar I plays artificial harmonics, Guitar II plays natural harmonics.)

mehul.jpgA facsimile edition. In the first edition of the guitar method by Aguado, the Escuela of 1825, Aguado assigns to de Fossa a prominent role in formulating the rules for the production of artificial harmonics on the guitar, stating that these rules were included as a preface to this edition. Unfortunately, the only known copy of this historically important work is missing the preface. This is a reconstructed facsimile, i.e., the image has been cleaned up minutely, making it eminently readable.

François de Fossa was born in Perpignan on August 31st 1775 and died in Paris on June 3rd 1849. He was one of the most influential composers for the guitar, an influence which was reflected in his close personal relationships with many well known guitarists of the early 19th century, and in particular, with Dionisio Aguado. It is thanks to de Fossa that the guitar quintets of Luigi Boccherini, perhaps the basis of the repertoire for chamber music with guitar, were preserved and are available to us today.

The Press says:

It seems that after every new encounter with de Fossa’s work one becomes even more impressed with his unique talent, the quality of his compositions and arrangements, and his rather special way with the instrument. This arrangement . . .  is a real knock-out . . .  The edition is presented in facsimile and is very clear and handsomely produced on quality paper . . .  There is a typically well-researched and informative introduction by Matanya Ophee . . .  Another fine example of some of the gems to be found in the Editions Orphée catalogue.” Gregory Newton Classical Guitar.

“This is the very model of a well researched and well-presented edition . . .  Fossa shows himself a skilful arranger for two guitars of a popular orchestral piece much as Giuliani did with his Rossini arrangements . . .  Recommended.” Peter Batchelar Classical Guitar.

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