Pronunciation Guide

These sound files aim to facilitate the performance of the romances by non-Russian speakers who may not have had an extensive study of Russian diction. It is based on the words aural qualities when sung. Each sound file is the full text for each of the romances, spoken by a native speaker, Margarita Mazo.
Consultation with a specialist in Russian diction,
preferably one who is a native speaker of Russian, cannot be underestimated..


1. Piotr Il'ich Tchaikovsky
. .
Amidst the Noisy Ball

MP3 580KB

2. Anonymous
I Met you

MP3 479KB

3. Alexander Yegorovich Varlamov
. .
Do Not Wake Her at Dawn

MP3 579KB

4. Emile Waldteufel

MP3 346KB

5. Vsevolod Ivanovich Buyukli
. . ,
The Gate

MP3 501KB

6. Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka
. .

MP3 479KB

7. F. Gherman .
Black Eyes

MP3 598KB

8. Nikolai Ivanovich Kharito
. .
The Chrysanthemum has Lost its Bloom

MP3 373KB

9. Yakov Lazarevich Feldman
. .
Coachman, Do Not Rush Your Horses

MP3 478KB

10. V. Abaz .
A Foggy Morning

MP3 443KB

11. Andrey Alexeyevich Oppel . .
Looking at The Purple Twilight

MP3 449KB

12. Piotr Petrovich Bulakhov
. .
Do Not Awaken Memories

MP3 461KB

13. N. Shiryayev .
A Radiant Night

MP3 719KB

14. Boris Ivanovich Fomin
. .
Only Once We meet in Life

MP3 415KB

15. Boris Sheremetyev
I Loved You

MP3 334KB

16. T. Tolstaya .
I Shall Not Tell You Anything

MP3 365KB

17. B. Keil .
I Am So Madly In Love with You

MP3 453KB

18. Boris Borisov .
Stars In the Sky

MP3 413KB

19. Nikolay Shishkin .
The Night is Light

MP3 635KB

20. D. Botari/V. Semionov
. /.
I Sing Again

MP3 567KB

21. T. Tolstaya .
All Is Quiet

MP3 540KB

22. Nikolai Zubov .
Do Not leave

MP3 360KB

23. 6. Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka
. .
Do Not Tempt Me Without Cause

MP3 518KB

24. Alexander Spiro .
Do Not Put On The Lights

MP3 394KB

25. Alfonso Guercia .
No, He Did Not Love

MP3 789KB

26. Vladimir Bakaleinikov
The Dark Cherry-colored Shawl

MP3 485KB

27. Boris Prozorovsky

MP3 573KB


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