Niccolò Paganini: Concerto per chitarra ed archi
Secondo la Grand Sonata.

(Guitar, Violin I, Violin II, Viola and Violoncello).

Orchestral score and string parts. 24+6+6+6+4 pp., $39.95,
Presser Order number  494-02802  (EICM-42a)

The orchestrator says:

Ever since I became acquainted with this Grand Sonata, I always considered it as a potential guitar concerto. Eventually the idea of orchestrating it, or simply remaking it as a concerto was born. Although on first glance the notion of basing the orchestration on the original accompanying violin part seems logical, soon I had to realize that this way was only partially valid. While the violin part in the original ensemble was charged with providing a dialog with the solo instrument, multiplying the character and tendency of single violin into a string orchestra form, would have easily overwhelmed the solo guitar... which anyway happens in practically every guitar concerto! Orienting my transformation of this Grand Sonata into a concerto on Paganini’s own violin concerti, seemed like a much more useful idea. Here the Genovese master himself showed us exactly how he imagined this genre, especially in the sense of enhancing the dominant role of the solo instrument. All things considered, this is how a guitar concerto by Paganini came to be.  Generally speaking, the solo part is very little changed from the original Grand Sonata. This concerto should be immediately accessible to any guitarist who ever played the original Grand Sonata. All that needs to be learned anew are the several cadenzas and the new minor variation in the last movement. The orchestral parts are relatively easy to play, which has the advantage that this work can be performed with student string orchestras (also string quartets) or amateur groups. With this concerto the guitarist gets a real alternative to the comparable concerti by Giuliani, Molino, Carulli etc.

For many years now, Wolfgang Lendle has been one of the most interesting personalities in the international guitar scene. A common theme in press reviews of his concerts is that he exhibits “a very personal style of performing and always presents an interesting choice of programs, thus making any of his concerts a special event . . .” Critics often praise his musical intelligence and the liveliness of his playing as well as his breathtaking virtuosity. Besides his activity as a performer, Lendle is also active as a composer and arranger. Thus he continues a long and cherished musical tradition. He is also known internationally as a leading pedagogue. He is the director of the guitar class at the Music Academy of Kassel, a center of music education attracting students from many countries. He regularly conducts master classes in Germany and abroad. Since 1991 Lendle has been also the artistic director of the Hungarian International Esztergom Guitar Festival.

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