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Catalogue Number
Title and description
494-02131 (EICM-3)

J.S. Bach Sinfonia from Cantata No. 29 (Ratswahlkantate) and Et Misericordia from the Magnificat in D. Arranged for two guitars by Matanya Ophee. The Sinfonia is Bach’s own D Major orchestral version of the Prelude from the fourth lute suite (sixth violin partita). The Et Misericordia is a transcription of one of Bach’s most moving vocal duets. (BWV 243, No. 6). Two separate performance parts. 8+8 pp. Press Reviews. $9.95
494-02316 (EICM-12a)

Cover of Three Grand Duos for two guitars, based on the works of Haydn.


François de Fossa Three Grand Duos for two guitars, based on the works of Haydn. Edited by Jan de Kloe.

Score & Parts. 24+24+20 pp. Press Reviews.

494-02133 (EICM-11)

Loris O. Chobanian Souvenir Homenaje a Andrés Segovia. Score and parts. 8+12+12 pp. Press Reviews. $15.95
494-02134 (EICM-2)

César Franck (1822-1890) Prélude, Fugue et Variation Op. 18. Arranged for two guitars by Matanya Ophee. Originally composed for the organ, this work was transcribed by Franck himself for various combinations of instruments. Two separate performance parts. 8+8 pp. Press Reviews. $9.95



Johann Padowetz (1800-72) Concert Variations on the Carnival of Venice Op. 62. Edited by Joanne Castellani and Michael Andriaccio with an Introduction by Matanya Ophee. Separate performance parts. 5+4 pp. Press Reviews. $8.95
491-00444 (DTMO-2)

Richard Pick 12 Christmas Carols. See Guitar & Voice section for details. $9.95
494-02200 (EICM-30)

Máximo Diego Pujol Tango, Milonga y Final. Score and parts. 8+6+6 pp. Press Reviews.

494-02312 (EICM-26)

Cover of Marche Funèbre by Fernando Sor.


Fernando Sor Marche Funèbre à la mort de S.M. l'Empereur Alexandre. Arranged for two guitars by John King in memoriam Celedonio Romero. Score and parts. 8+4+4 pp. $12.95
494-02306 (EICM-16)

Cover of Six Pieces for Children by Vladimir Tsytovich.


Vladimir Tsytovich Six Pieces for Children. Score and parts. 4+4+4 pp. Press Reviews.




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