Hilary Koprowski: Perhaps

for mezzo-soprano, baritone and chamber ensemble

20+6+2+2+1+1+1 pp., $29.95, Presser Order number 491-00484 (VOXH-2)

perhaps.gif The composer says:

Persons who studied the first volume of my songs “For Thy Delight” advised me of sobriety and sadness. Therefore, for this volume, I have chosen to compose music for seven limericks which are gay and bawdy. To make this even more jocular I have used only percussion for the accompaniment.

The word “perhaps” is addressed to the performers which allows their judgment to be used to interpret the songs in this volume.

Table of Contents: I saw a Peacock for mezzo-soprano, flügelhorn and piano; Autumn Song for mezzo-soprano, flute, string trio and piano. Poem by Paul Verlaine and Stefan George; I might be an Ox for voice and violoncello; Ode III.9 for Baritone and Oboe. Poem by Giangiorgio Trissino (1478-1550) after Horace. De Profundis for mezzo-soprano, oboe and harp. Poem by Federico García Lorca; Race with Death for baritone and guitar. Poem: Anon. Translated from the Welsh by Aneirim Talfan davies; The Knee, for voice and flute. Poem by Christian Morgenstern. Seven Limericks for voice and percussion.

hilary.jpgHilary Koprowski was born in Warsaw, Poland. He graduated in piano from the Warsaw Conservatory but turned to medicine, obtained his M.D. degree in Warsaw in 1939, and adopted scientific research as his life’s work. He continued his musical studies in Rome, where he graduated from the Santa Cecilia Academy in 1940. It is only now, following great success and notoriety in his career as a scientist, that Dr. Koprowski has allowed himself the time to pursue his musical interests that have always meant so much to him.

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