Important New Publications from Editions Orphée!


In Preparation (to be available quite soon):

In Preparation (to be available in the near foreseeable future):

  1. Theodore Gaude, Variations on themes from La Muette de Portici, le Colporteur and la Dame Blanche, Op. 55.
  2. Luigi Legnani, Introduction and Theme with Variations on a theme from Norma.
                (for 8 string guitar, playable on 6) Op. 201.
  3. N. Pavlistcheff, Grande Fantaisie on a theme from Auber's La Fiancée.
                    (For ten string guitar playable on six).
  4. Eugene Paulian, Gentil Houssard Variée, Op. 2.
  5. Rudolph Gernlein, Adagio et variations Brillants su Un Thême favori de Rode. Op. 41.

There are several more works in the pipeline whose stage of preparation is not quite complete. They will be announced here as they get closer to their final ready form.