Grigori Korchmar: White Nights Serenades
(St. Petersburg Serenades)

Vol. 5

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korchmar.jpgWhite Nights Serenades is a major composition for the guitar, composed by Mr. Korchmar in 1990. The White Nights is a time around the summer solstice when the prolonged twilights of evening and morning merge into a night full of light. This is a special time in St. Petersburg when the city does not seem to go to sleep. The social impact of this time of the year was already well recognized at the time of Alexander Pushkin whose poem The Bronze Horseman is used by Korchmar to set the context of the music. The Bronze Horseman is the famous statue of Peter the Great situated between the St. Isaak cathedral and the Neva river in St. Petersburg, and widely accepted as a symbol of the city.

 Grigori Korchmar appeared as an active creative force in the beginning of the seventies. He was born in 1947 in a small town of Baltiisk in the Kaliningrad region. He graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory as a composer and a pianist simultaneously. Already during his student years, he won several national competitions as a performer. As a composer, pianist, harpsichord player and conductor he became a passionate promoter and the first performer of a number of contemporary works all over Russia and also in Europe and United States. His compositions convey a characteristic union of rational craftsmanship and emotional density of expression. In his constant longing to restore the link of times, he skillfully handles stylistic masks of different historical epochs. Main works include three operas (Newlyweds, 1970; A Story About Boris and Gleb, 1981; Fedra,1984), several cantatas, chamber vocal-instrumental cycles, compositions for piano, violin, and various instrumental ensembles.

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