Luigi Legnani, Andante & Allegro
from the overture to Wilhelm Tell by Rossini

Op. 202
for Guitar,

Vol. 8

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legnani.jpgThe opera Guillaume Tell by Gioacchino Rossini, based on the play Wilhelm Tell by Friedrich Schiller, Rossini’s last opera, was first performed at the Paris Opera on August 3, 1829. Soon after its premier, the opera became a favorite with the public, in spite of its being heavily censored in some countries due to the seemingly subversive nature of its story line, the people rising against a foreign power. The Overture to Wilhelm Tell though, became entrenched in the repertoire as a popular staple in Promenade concerts all over the world, a popularity that has not abated to our days. As customary in the nineteenth century, arrangements and fantasies based on themes from this opera were made by many, for various instrumental ensembles. The current arrangement by Luigi Legnani (1790-1877) of the last two sections of the Overture was published in Vienna by Artaria in 1840.

As originally intended by the composer, this work can be played on a standard six-string guitar, and also on an eight-string guitar with the two lower basses tuned to low D and C, or on any multi-string guitar where these two basses are available. A successful performance of this popular bravura piece, particularly the Finale “cavalry charge” of it, would be utterly satisfying to many in the audience, those who recall its association with the Lone Ranger radio and TV series, and those who do not.

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