Andryi Andrushko: Hutsul Rhapsody 
for solo guitar.

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Hutsul Rhapsody coverThe  “Hutsul Rhapsody” is an expression of the composer’s fascination with the traditional music of the Hutsuls, a Ukrainian ethnic group that lives in the Carpathian mountains in the Western Ukraine. The work builds upon the peculiarities of Hutsul traditions, the modalities of the music, particularly as performed on the Hutsul tsymbaly, a type of hammered dulcimer with metal strings that are struck with wooden hammers.

Andryi AndrushkoAndryi Andrushko was born in 1976 in the city of Lviv, the Ukraine. In 1991 he began studying the guitar with Anatoliy Matvijtzov at the School of Arts in his native town Dublyany. In 1994 he entered the Lviv State Music College to continue his studies with Viktoria Sydorenko and took courses in composition with M.M. Lemishko. Upon graduation in 1999 from the Music College, he enrolled in the Lviv State Music Academy, where he studied composition with the renowned Ukrainian composer professor Myroslav Skoryk. The most recent work by Andryi Andrushko is a Symphonic Poem for two Guitars and orchestra. 

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