Nadia Boríslova: Arbatski Vals
for solo guitar.

6 pp., $6.95, Presser Order number 494-02804 (PWYS-84)

Guitarist and composer Nadia Boríslova was born in Moscow in 1969. ‎She studied guitar and orchestral direction of Russian folk instruments at the 48th ‎Musical School of Moscow and at the Gnesin State School of Moscow. Since 1988 she has been engaged in an intense concert activity, and has performed ‎concerts in Russia, France, Hungary, U.S.A, Costa Rica, Cuba, ‎Paraguay, Morocco, and Mexico. As a composer, her compositions have been published in Russia, ‎Mexico, Italy, Sweden, Spain and Canada. These editions present music for solo guitar, duets, ‎and quartets, clarinet and guitar, concerti for guitar and piano, and others. Her work is in a contemporary music style. Her discography consists of 10 CDs: 3 Doubles with classical and ‎contemporary repertory for guitar and other instruments from different composers and ‎epochs, including her own music. ‎She has written several compositions on commission of the Centro ‎Hispanoamericano de Guitarra of Tijuana, Baja California. These works were ‎played for the first time at the International Guitar Festival in Tijuana, Mexico and they were recorded on the CD En una noche femenina (1999). ‎Since 1999, she has been the Artistic Director of the International Guitar Festival of ‎Puebla. In 2005, in the IV Guitar Festival, she integrated and directed the Orchestra of ‎‎80 musicians from different States of Mexico and seven well-known women guitarists ‎from different countries, in order to commemorate the International Day of Woman. ‎Since 1994, Nadia Boríslova is a professor at the School of Arts of the Universidad ‎Autónoma de Puebla in Mexico. ‎ Front cover painting is a fragment from a picture of the Spasopeskovskaya Square by Aleksandr Brusilov. The square is a well known Moscow location along the famous Arbat’ street, the place that inspired the present composition.

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